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About Us

enVision Community Living provides a broad continuum of residential and daytime support services to adults living with an intellectual disability throughout southeastern Manitoba. Administrative offices and day programs are located in Steinbach, Manitoba. However, residential and individualized day services are also provided in smaller area communities.


Our History

The organization was founded in 1956 by a group of concerned parents who gathered for mutual support. They shared the same dream - seeing their sons and daughters living successfully in their own community. Initially a school was built to provide basic education for children with intellectual disabiliteis. Subsequently, when the Province of Manitoba accepted the responsibility to provide an education to all Manitobans in 1967, the families' attention turned to providing vocational support to young adults who were now graduating from public schools.


About Us

In 1973 the first residence, "Kindale Manor" opened, in Steinbach, providing a home for both people returning to the community from a provincial institution, and for several young adults moving from their parental home to their very own home. Subsequent years saw the development of an Independent Living Program and a variety of vocational and activity based day programs. Services continue to grow in size, scope and focus to accommodate and respond to the community living dreams of people with intellectual disabilties in the area.



Our Name

Much has changed since 1956. What is unchanged however is our commitment to providing people with intellectual disabilities support to live in the community. Part of this change includes a new name and identity: enVision Community Living, which was adopted in March 2008. This name is descriptive of who we are and what we do, as well as a statement of what we strive to become. "Association for Community Living - Steinbach Branch Inc." served as our name for 23 years and continues to be our legal name. At our core we exist to provide community living supports and our goal is to continually envision a better, brighter future for the people who use our services, and turn those visions into reality.



Our Partners

enVision recognizes the importance of partnering with organizations who have similar goals and interests. The resources and support offered by the following organizations are vital to enhancing the life of people with disabilities in the community.


enVision is a member of:

     - Community Living Manitoba

     - Canadian Association for Community Living (CACL)

     - Abilities Manitoba (formerly Manitoba Coalition of Services Providers)

     - Manitoba Supported Employment Network


The Supported Living Branch of the Department of Family Services and Housing is a key funding and service delivery partner.


There are a vast number of supplies, customers, volunteers, donors and family members who give a tremendous amount of support that is vital to enVision.