About enVision

Embracing our differences
because everyone belongs.

The purpose of enVision is rooted in relationship and belonging:

  • Living, working, learning and celebrating in a community of belonging.
  • Mutual care, respect, and consideration between all people.
  • Welcoming the transformation as we embrace the diversity of gifts and contributions from each community member.
  • Recognizing that we need each other and are better together.

Message from the Executive Director

We are grateful for the continued dedication of our employees to fulfilling enVision’s purpose. We are over 500 strong, using our influence to move our communities toward greater equality, inclusion and value
for all people.

— Jeannette DeLong

Our Mission

enVision Community Living is a non-profit community-based organization committed to delivering supports and services that provide people who live with an intellectual disability opportunities for personal growth and development, and opportunities to live the life of their choosing in the community.

enVision recognizes the intrinsic value of each person and his or her right to make informed choices and to access services. This belief shall govern the delivery of supports and services and is more fully set forth by the following principles:

  1. Each person shall be treated with respect and dignity.
  2. Each person has the capacity for growth and development and shall be encouraged and supported in reaching that capacity.
  3. Each person shall have access to the most normal and least restrictive social and physical environments consistent with their needs and choices.
  4. Each person shall be heard and involved in decisions affecting their life.
  5. Each person shall have access to supports and services that recognize and address their unique capacities, needs and choices.
  6. Each person shall have access to supports and services that strengthen family relationships, promote community involvement and build friendships

Our History

The organization was founded in 1956 by a group of concerned parents who gathered for mutual support. They shared the same dream – seeing their sons and daughters living successfully in their own community. Initially a school was built to provide basic education for children with intellectual disabilities. Subsequently, when the Province of Manitoba accepted the responsibility to provide an education to all Manitobans in 1967, the families’ attention turned to providing vocational support to young adults who were now graduating from public schools. In 1973 the first residence, “Kindale Manor”, opened in Steinbach providing a home for both people returning to the community from a provincial institution, and for several young adults moving from their parental home to their very own home. Subsequent years saw the development of Supported Independent Living services and a variety of vocational and activity based day programs. Services continue to grow in size, scope and focus to accommodate and respond to the community living dreams of people with intellectual disabilities in the area.

Board of Directors

enVision Community Living's Board of Directors are elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting, held in June of each year. Members are nominated to the Board for their experience and qualities which include familiarity with intellectual disability as well as expertise in such areas as financial management, organizational leadership and community involvement. Many of the Directors are family members of women or men served by enVision, bringing firsthand knowledge, experience and commitment to the services provided.

enVision Membership

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