Employment & Vocational

enVision Community Living facilitates connections for people we serve by opening up opportunities for learning for the purpose of vocation, and seeking outlets to integrate these skills as an employee. As well we provide opportunities for increased literacy and access to recreation. We provide these services through two community businesses; Kindale Industries and Eastman Employment Services, which connect people we serve as contributing citizens of Steinbach and surrounding areas.

Typical operations are Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., but some variations occur depending on the individual. Transportation to and from Day Services within Steinbach can be arranged by calling 204.326.9856. We run a 28-passenger bus and an accessible vehicle with an electric lift for wheelchairs.


Eastman Employment Services

Eastman Employment Services (EES) offers employment assistance to people with intellectual, social, physical, and learning, or other barriers to employment. EES helps individuals who have had difficulty accessing the job market develop the skills and contacts necessary to obtain and maintain meaningful paid employment in the community.

Kindale Industries

Kindale Industries supports people living with an intellectual disability to develop their vocational and personal skills. In the industrial park on the west side of Steinbach, we operate a full scale production facility, including warehouse space and the ability to handle up to semi-trailer size deliveries.

  • People at Kindale can choose from facility-based work options in the woodworking, packaging or fastener departments.
  • Supports are provided to participate in community employment and volunteer opportunities.
  • Non-vocational options are implemented through the Support Services Department. In the area of education and training, people can choose to develop skills in literacy, numeracy, computer skills and other opportunities designed to meet the needs and interests of each person.