Residential Services

Residential Services are provided for people who need support in order to enjoy a full and meaningful life in the community. This is done through the provision of a home and necessary support staff. Regular person-centered planning is used with each person in order to best determine personal interests, needs and goals.

A holistic approach to physical, emotional and spiritual health is seen as essential. Services concentrate on enhancing relationships with family, friends and community members. Each person is supported to contribute to these relationships as well as to benefit from these meaningful connections.

The amount of staff support varies significantly from one person to the next. Services, therefore, range from independent living to 24 hours staffing support. In all cases, independence is encouraged to the extent that it is possible.

enVision Community Living is committed to providing lifelong support whenever possible. If the needs of an individual exceed expertise available within enVision, other professionals will be consulted.

Community Homes

People are supported up to twenty-four hours a day in homes owned or rented by enVision. Support is provided in all areas of life as needed. The focus of services is on enhancing people’s relationships with family, friends and community members. People are also encouraged to take on responsibilities in their home and community and are provided with opportunities for lifelong learning. enVision’s community homes are located in Steinbach, Niverville, St Pierre, R.M. of LaBroquerie and Ste. Anne. People live alone or with up to three roommates according to their needs. All efforts are made to ensure people live with others with whom they are compatible.

Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living provides support anywhere from 2-35 hours a week for people to live in their own apartment or home. People are supported only as needed in areas of budgeting, nutrition, home maintenance, laundry and social connectedness.

Shared Living Options

In Shared Living Options, people live as a member of the family unit in the Shared Living Provider’s home. The person is matched with an individual, couple, or family who share common interests with them.

Respite Services

Respite is intended to provide families with a temporary break from the responsibilities of supporting a family member who lives with a disability.
Respite arrangements can vary depending on the unique needs of the family; respite can occur on a regular basis or occasionally. Respite may be provided in a person’s home, respite provider’s home, community based respite or enVision’s respite apartment.

Families can receive funding for services in two ways:

Self Administered – Family receives the respite funding directly and is responsible to recruit, hire and monitor the respite staff. In this situation enVision could be a resource for providing assistance to locate potential staff or provide general respite information.

Agency Administered – enVision submits a proposal to the Department of Families for the cost of respite services based on the needs of the family. Once funding is approved enVision recruits, trains and provides ongoing supervision of the staff.