Day Services

Our community based services provide supports with a focus on individual needs and abilities that are unique to each person. We offer opportunities for people to explore personal development, develop relationships and contribute to the community on an individual basis. We provide services to a wide age range of people and feel it is important for each person to have experiences that provide opportunities for lifelong learning. People using the services may be involved with community volunteering, paid employment, skill development and recreational activities.

Edith’s Place

Edith’s Place provides person centered day supports and services based on each person’s goals, dreams, interests, and support needs. Each person is encouraged to pursue personal growth and development which includes opportunities for paid and volunteer employment in the community.

Edith’s Place is a social enterprise with a store located in the front of the building. The store front showcases many gifts and crafts that people have made and are displayed for sale. Proceeds from purchases cover the cost of materials and go directly to the people doing the work.

Martha P. Rempel Centre

Martha P. Rempel Centre provides daytime, person centred services based on people’s needs, interests, abilities and personal goals. We facilitate involvement in recreational activities such as walks around town, horseback riding, swimming, physiotherapy and working out at the local gym. The different seasons pose opportunities for volunteering and helping in the community. People are encouraged and supported to be involved in the community and to connect socially with family and friends. Everyone contributes in a variety of ways including volunteering, grocery shopping, baking, or casually listening to music while visiting with friends.

Retirement Program

The Retirement Program offers daytime opportunities for older adults to engage in a variety of leisure, recreational, volunteer, learning and social activities with friends and other community members. Each experience takes into consideration the reality that ageing is a universal process which everyone understands in their own unique way. These services focus on the specific interests and needs of each person. Therefore each person plays an active role in customizing how their goals will be accomplished. A special emphasis is placed on being connected to the community in a reciprocal manner. Everyone is inspired to contribute to the community and access community resources.