Mission Statement

Our Mission

enVision Community Living is a non-profit community-based organization committed to delivering supports and services that provide people who live with an intellectual disability opportunities for personal growth and development and opportunities to live the life of their choosing in the community.

enVision recognizes the intrinsic value of each person and his or her right to make informed choices and to access services. This belief shall govern the delivery of supports and services and is more fully set forth by the following principles:

  1. Each person shall be treated with respect and dignity.
  2. Each person has the capacity for growth and development and shall be encouraged and supported in reaching that capacity.
  3. Each person shall have access to the most normal and least restrictive social and physical environments consistent with his or her needs and choices.
  4. Each person shall be heard and involved in decisions affecting his or her life.
  5. Each person shall have access to supports and services that recognize and address his or her unique capacities, needs and choices.
  6. Each person shall have access to supports and services that strengthen family relationships, promote community involvement and build friendships.

Organizational Chart

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