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enVision Foundation (2012) Inc

The Steinbach ACL Foundation was established in 2000 to enable family members and friends of the people being supported by enVision to make a larger, long term, "legacy" gift that would support enVision's programs and services over many years. The Foundation changed its name in August 2012 to enVision Foundation (2012) Inc.


Contributions made to the Foundation are intended to grow over time, with the earnings used to provide enhanced program supports or funding for special projects put forward by enVision. The Foundation intends to help provide long term security of services and supports for people being supported by enVision.


The Foundation holds fundraising events for specific capital projects.  As well gifts to the Foundation can come in a variety of forms, including through the donor's estate, contributions in kind such as property or securities, life insurance policies, or gifts of cash. Legacy gifts need to be tailored to the individual circumstances of the donor and the donor's family, and should always be made in consultation with professional advisors.


Call the office to discuss how you and your family can be a part of providing a more secure, more satisfying and more exciting life for people being supported by enVision.