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Leave a LegacyGifts made to the Foundation provide both immediate benefit to people supported by enVision and long term security for the future of the organization. Gifts can be made in cash, but there are many other ways to leave a legacy depending on the donor's personal cicumstances and financial situation. Here are a few examples:




Estate Beneficiary: Name the Foundation as a beneficiary in your will, or in the dissolution instructions of a trust account. Add the Foundation as an equal beneficiary along with each child in the family, or provide instructions that a given percentage of your estate is to be gifted to the Foundation upon your death.


Donation of Securities: A gift of stock, particularly if it has appreciated in value since it was purchased, is often an excellent way to make a donation, while at the same time reducing a tax liability. It is often advantageous to gift the shares directly rather than to convert them into cash first. We have an account with a financial services firm and can easily arrange to receive a gift of stock.


Gifts in Kind: A gift of a home, a vehicle, or a commodity can benefit enVision while relieving the donor or work connected with its sale. Canada Revenue Agency requires that most gifts in kind must have their value established by an independent assessor to support any charitable tax receipt issued by the Foundation.


Life Insurance Policy: Consider taking out a new life insurance policy, with the ACL Foundation as beneficiary. Premium payments can be receipted as a charitable donation, and on the policy holder's death the full value of the policy is paid to the Foundation. Or, alternatively, consider re-designating the beneficiary on an existing policy.


Be sure to discuss your ideas and plans for legacy gifting with your lawyer, financial advisor and enVision to ensure it is set up in such a way that it meets your expectations, carries out your wishes, and provides the most effective and efficient benefit to the Foundation.


Foundation Contact:     Jeannette DeLong         This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it           (204) 326-7539