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Recently the range of services at Kindale has expanded to include the Supported Employment Program.


Many participants are ready and willing to join the community workforce. At Kindale, individuals have acquired work skills, and have learned what it takes to be a successful employee.


When an employer has a specific job to fill, the first step is to match an employee based on skills and interest. A job coach works with the employer to clarify the responsiblities of the position, and then works alongside the employee. Hands-on training is done in the intial stages and support is withdrawn as the employee learns to perform the job independently.


Some of the typical jobs Kindale participants have excelled at are; restaurant work (bussing, dishes, food preparation), janitorial (at a local car dealership) and laundry services (at a local hotel and a medical clinic).


Benefits to your organization:

  •      An enthusiastic, able employee
  •      On the job training provided by Kindale staff
  •      Performance monitoring and follow up
  •      And...making a contribution to support people in your community.


So if you are looking to fill a position, be it full time or part time, please call Kindale at 326-9856