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General labour and entry level positions are becoming increasingly harder to fill as the competition for skilled labour grows. Manitoba business leaders consider labour shortages to be one of their top challenges.



There are 22,500 Manitobans who live with a disability who are currently unemployed but have valuable skills to offer employers. Between 900 and 1000 of these potential employees live in Southeast Manitoba. This untapped pool of Job Seekers can help solve labour shortage challenges. EES provides services to employers free of charge to assist in reaching this valuable labour pool. Staff can assist with on-site training, accommodation and follow up support.


Many employers in the area have already benefitted from hiring a person with a disability. Statistics have shown that not only will you acquire a qualified employee, but persons with a disability have fewer sick days, are more reliable and stay for the long term when a good match is made.


EES has qualified staff who can meet with you to see how hiring a person with a disability can benefit your business.

EES Website

"Hiring an employee through EES gives me great confidence that we will be hiring
someone who is dedicated, responsible, eager to learn and dependable.
It has been a pleasure working with everyone at EES."


For more information about hiring a person with a disability, visit the Government of Manitoba website.