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Direct Support Worker Orientation

Orientation for residential direct support workers is a 16 hour process divided into 4 sessions.  The information shared at the sessions will equip the direct support worker with the know how to carry out the day to day responsibilies in their support of people.


Topics in each session:


Session 1
  • On-Call Procedures for Residential Staff
  • Workers Compensation
  • Performance Reviews and Self-Evaluations
  • Benefit Plan/Pension Plan
  • Grievance Procedure (*refer to enVision policy manual 3.1 & organizational chart 1.2)
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Harassment/Violence Prevention Policy
  • Schedules (location, when they are posted, breaks, time off, stats, shift changes, hours of work variance 12/24, 48/wk, 160/4wk, Memos and Job Postings)
  • Payroll
  • Staff Meetings
  • Key Worker Responsibilities
  • Hand Washing and Universal Precautions
  • Communitcation
  • Management Mentorship Program
  • Attitude
  • Committee Opportunities
  • Community Involvement & Support
  • Team Work


Session 2

  • Resignation
  • Support Agencies and Networks
  • Medical Appointment Procedures (medical transportation form, appointment records)
  • Medication Appointment (bubble packs, MAR sheets, health watches, over-counter drugs & PRN, 24 hr clock, time allowance, enemas & suppositories, eye & ear drops, storage of medication, first aid kit, drug disposal, ordering medication, LOA meds, self-administered medication, narcotics & controlled drugs, replacement medication)
  • Medication Procedures
  • Supported Rights & Responsibilities
  • Resident's Cash (cash transaction records)
  • Household Petty Cash 


Session 3

  • Incident Reports (trial run to reporting an incident)
  • Daily Flow Sheets
  • Journaling
  • Principles of Best Practice (*refer to enVision Policy Manual 1.5)
  • Sexuality & Relationships
  • Death and Dying
  • Family Contact (*also refer to House Specifics)
  • Person Centered Planning (*also refer to Reading Material)


Session 4

  • Social Role Valorization
  • Household Tasks (*also refer to House Specific)
  • Meal Preparation (guidelines for food prep & handling, Canadian Food Guide)
  • Fire Safety (Fire Safety Checks, Fire extinguishers, Participate in a Fire Drill, smoke detectors, CO detectors **also refer to House Specifics)
  • Vacation Planning
  • Shopping & Charge Accounts
  • Keys
  • Mileage (resident, ACC, Van)
  • Buddy System
  • Sensitivity Training